THE ANXIOUS JOURNEY - BERLIN through a Pinhole Camera

Exploring BERLIN with a pinhole Camera is a long term/time photographic project. The main motivation behind this personal project  is to know something more about the country I am living now and about my self as a creative subject.

I am not a Berliner ( citizen of Berlin ) and have never lived in Berlin, but Berlin was always for me something very important but also very distant. Berlin is a very complex  social and cultural structure with an almost unique connection to modern european history.

In the last years I have undertaken several trips with the purpose to explore photographically the city. During those trips I was in very different personal mental and emotional states and I had different interest. I also used many and different cameras. But Berlin is huge, heterogeneous and elusive.   At the end I decided to go "minimal", I choose a pinhole camera.

armed with two pinhole cameras I made my way through the streets of the city ...

The purpose of those trips was not touristic of even  adventurous, my focus was on art and the artistic interpretation of the city.  My intention was do develop some kind of visual narratives, my "Berlin Stories".

Art is a kind of exploration or a journey and to become an artist mean to be on the road, explore, discover, know. Art is a kind of a journey and the artist changes on this journey. At the end you are not the same person as the one you entered the journey. Art is a transforming process. Art is about self-discovery.

Creating a photography project is an exciting time and journey. Spot your story. Frame a concept. Find your tools and techniques. Share the process of your research. Question the nature of photography.



I used a ZeroImage 612 and a 8banners M612b pinhole camera





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