THE ANXIOUS JOURNEY - Architectural Monograph D1

Architectural Uncanny - Decay and Aesthetics


The goal in this series of entries under the name "ARCHITECTURAL MONOGRAPHS" is the dedicated presentation of the architecture and the atmosphere surrounding  certain "lost buildings". Forms and structures, the geometry of those spaces are important to me but also the changes of state brought about by the passage of time: physical decay, entropic transformations, creative and artistic reuse and reutilization, graffitis, etc. are in the focus of my interest and part of the Monographs.

The Monographs are a kind of diary entries of an Anxious Journey. The images bellow are then moments ( snapshots ) of those adventures at the borderlines between fiction and reality, visible and invisible, in and out, space and mind, trivial and apocalyptic. 

The building are mostly "modern ruins", abandoned industrial or social sites  and they are lost in the sense that they no more have an explicit use or purpose, they  are not part of  the current economical system and they dont have any  archaeological designation. In many cases they are under immediate threat of demolition or are already demolished. 

Analog Images ( Plaubel Makina67, Pinhole 6x6 )

Architectural Uncanny - Pinhole Photography

Architectural Uncanny - Pinhole Photography

Analog Images ( Plaubel Makina67 )


This is the first of a series. The code name of the building is D1. The former use, from 1911 to 2008,  was industrial production. After 2008 the building is abandoned.  I visited the place only one time and I spend there some hours. I  used a NIKON D800E, Plaubel Makina67 ( 6x7 ) and a Mb612 pinhole camera ( 6x6 ) with Kodak Tri-X and Portra 400. The quality of the graffitis is excellent and unique! 

Analog Images ( Pinhole, Makina67 )


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