THE ANXIOUS JOURNEY - Nazi and Soviet Barracks ( Kasernen ) in east Germany

In the last years I have done some more or less short travels to East Germany, in the territory of the former German Democratic Republic ( GDR or DDR ), mainly in the area around Berlin,  sourcing for traces of history, but also a kind of attachment to the country and its culture.  The main motivation was somehow to investigate the connection between  space, body, history, memory, personal identity and art. 

I concentrated my investigation on former NAZI ( NS regime ), later SOVIET and from 1994 derelict military barracks ( Kasernen ). 1945 the Soviets took over the former NAZI military areas,  after the German reunion ( 1989 ) the soviets left those places. In 1994 the Russian troops withdrew completely from the unified Germany. What is left since then are ruins, abandoned spaces and the ghosts of history. More recently those areas have been part of rebuilding and restructuring real estate projects and many of them have been literally erased.

I have used various analog photographic cameras including a pinhole, panoramic DAYI617, Pentax 67, Plaubel Makina67, Nikon FM2 with various BW and color films.

Now I am starting to collect this material and at the first step I am trying to do a kind of narrative classification. The pictures in this entry are simply raw material for a work in progress. A first kind of categorisation includes:

Rewriting history ( NS, Soviet, present )






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