CITY DIARIES - Hamburg 6x17 Analog Panoramas

In the last days I took again the DAYI 6x17  analog panoramic camera to the field and I have done some shots. ( I have such experiments also in the past using various cameras:  Hamburg Analog Panoramas ).

Hamburg Speicherstadt Ansicht. Analog Panorama 6x17.  DAYI617SII, Rollei Pan 25. 

I have started this little project a few months ago with no clear vision or purpose other than the joy of experimentation ( see also my first blog entry:   Hamburg Panoramas ).  I am still interested and I want to push the experiment a little bit further. I want to investigate the narrative potential of analog photographic techniques  and  of the panoramic ( 6x17 ) frame in the present digital time.

Also recently I have relesed a new website dedicated to architectural photography ( currently under development ):  PhotoVisionProject - Architectural Photography

Behind the scenes snapshot ( NIKON1 J4 )

I am still at the beginnging, a lot of work is to be done. The modern urban environment is the starting point of my investigation.

DAYI S II 617 analog panoramic camera

 I have used the  6x17 DAYI617SII panoramic camera with the f6.8  90mm Rodenstock Grandagon-N  lens and  the Schneider-Kreuznach 5.6 110XL 3B Centerfilter. The 120 rollfilm was ADOX PAN 25 and ROLLEI PAN 25. I shot on tripod at f32 and I calculated a 1.5x shutter speed compensation. I choose the option of overexposing but I think I have overdone it and some of the negatives where a little bit  overexposed.

The Rodenstock Grandagon-N lens has the following specifications and it is inserted into the Focus-Mount helical focuser:

GRANDAGON-N90mm f/6.8
Lens construction6 elements in 4 groups
Max. aperturef/6.8
Angle of view102º
Image circle221mm (f/22-f/32)

ADOX PAN 25, ROLLEI PAN 25 rollfilm. 

I developed the rollfilms my own in Kodak HC-110 G ( 1:119) for 22 min in 20 C.  I am impressed from the quality of ADOX film and completely disapointed from the ROLLEI PAN 25. I scanned the negatives with an EPSON V750.


and here some 100% crops from the above image.

The ROLLEI PAN 25 film was expired and most likely improperly stored ( high temperature, humidity ) or even exposed to X-rays. So the numbers and structure of the backing paper of the film is visible on the negatives. I could see this imprint as a conceptual element of the picture with a very significant interpretation ...


I carried with me a NIKON1 J4 mirrorless camera as an "instant checker" of the scene and the composition. Here are some snapshots from the whole process ...

my camera bag

conceptual and computational work ... 

developing the rolls ... 

drying of the negatives ... 

first I had to clean the EPSON V750 scanner ... 

scanning and post processing the images ... 

my digital darkroom ... 


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