THE PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY - Visiting Athens, Paros and Naxos - Autumn 2016

 In Autumn 2016 I visited again Greece. Especially Athens and the cycladic Islands  Paros and Naxos. Travels are eduring symbols of our culture and our way of life. Not fixed locations but temporary places and visualizations are the sceneries of modern identity.

for more Cyclades images sea also: CYCLADES 2016

Cyclades Collage ( Naxos, Paros ). Analog Photography. 

Nausa, Paros Island. Mamiya C2200.

The two cycladic islands are so close so similar and so different geologicaly, historicaly, socially and culturaly  ...

View all images and some personal moments as Slideshow on my youtube channel ... 

 The equipment I had with me was, with the exeption of a old small digital camera the Canon IXUS 70, for quick snapshots and light tests, analog. A Mamiya C220 ( medium format 6x6 ) with the Sekor f2.8 80mm and f4.5 55mm lenses and a Nikon FM2 with the Nikkor f1.2 50mm and f3.5 28mm PC lenses. I used diffent films new and expired. Maco Eagle AQS 400, Agfa ASP 400, Kodak Portra 800, Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Tri-X. The intension was to use the Nikon for black and white and the Mamiya for color shots.

Photographic equipment I carried with me ...

Then back at home developing films and  reading and making notes ... the endless but joyful time after the travel  ...

Here I present a rather random compilation of the results. I don't know if there is a meaning or a story in pictures. I don't konw if there is a meaning or a story in life. I believe ruther no. There only paths, projections, compilations of random moments, picture series ...

I have classified the pictures in five sections: PAROS, NAXOS, ATHENS, PORTRAITS and FAILURES.


Nausa, Paros Island. Mamiya C2200.

Paros. Mamiya C220, Sekor 55mm.


Naxos, Archaeological Museum

Naxos, Archaeological Museum

Naxos, Archaeological Museum


Plaka. Zeiss Ikonta M.





unfortunately I opened accidentally the camera back in several occasions. Light leaks are everywhere visible on the film negatives. An irreversible occurrence. But are failures in the photographic depiction some how more realistic, more close to the ways life forms and develops? [ I need to extend this thought ... ]

Here are some results ...


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