AMORGOS - A unique experience of beauty and light

The journey continoues. I left Naxos and over the little Cyclades ( Irakleia, Schinousa, Koufonisi, Keros ) I arrived to AMORGOS. For me it was a revelation! A unique mystical experience of light, beauty and freedom ... what follows is a temporary incomplete record, back at home I would select the most proper pictures, correct my travel diary and I would come hopefully with a more complete composition ...
Amorgos (Greek: Αμοργός) is the easternmost island of the Greek Cyclades island group, and the nearest island to the neighboring Dodecanese island group.  [ wiki ]

From Naxos to Amorgos

Keros Island -  now deserted but it was  the birthplace of the Aegean civilization

Koufonisi Island


DEEP BLUE - Amorgos Island, looking south to the Aegean sea


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