My digital darkroom

The struggle with the colors ( Der Kampf mit den Farben ) ...

I will try to make this blog more photography oriented, since I take photography seriously

In order to bring it to the "next level" with my photography, I had to solve the "color problem". Unfortunately I had to upgrade to new hardware: for a dual monitor setup a new ASUS VE278Q and ASUS PA246Q, for the 10-bit color display a new ATI FirePro V4800 graphic card, the i1 Display Pro ( by X-Rite ) for display profiling and the wacom intuos4 for  more flexible post processing with photoshop CS5 and Lightroom.

Now my digital darkroom  looks like this ...

dual monitor setup ( ASUS VE278Q and PA246Q )

ATI FirePro V4800 graphic card

i1 Display Pro by X-Rite
monitor profiling and color management