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First and very preliminary version of the photographic diary from a travel to Rhodos Island ( Aegean Sea, Greece ) in Autumn 2018. Planning the journey, do research, travel, take the pictures, develop and scan the film and then tell the story of the journey ...  going through the various iterations of the ZiNE Design Process ...

Here are preliminary spreads from the  Travel to Rhodos ... the challendge of ordering images taken with 3 different cameras ( 35mm, 6x6 and pinhole - Nikon FM2, Mamiya C330 and ZeroImage 612 ) on 3 different  places  in a kind of storyline ...

The island of Rhodes is at a crossroads between Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This has given the city and the island many different identities, cultures, architectures, and languages over its long history. Its position in major sea routes has given Rhodes a very rich history. The island has been inhabited since about 4000 BC ( Neolithic Period ). 
In medieval times, Rhodes was an important Byzantine trading post, …

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