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CITY DIARY - Athens 2017

travel to Athens after a year ( see the photo diary of last year:  CITY DIARY - Athens 2016 )

DAY ONE - Glyfada DAY TWO - Cape Sounion
Travel is a kind of transformation or even transcendence ... I am practicing this aproach since many years and in different ways  ( travels and adventures ) ... first as a literary and philosophical approach  and in the last years as a visual / photographic investigation ... storytelling, travel and photography are ultimately and deeply interconnected ... I would formulate more thoroughly and concisely my thoughts about this topic in another place ...

here is the digital photographic itinerary of my journey to Greece on Automn 2017. The digital snapshots are taken with a NIKON1 J4 camera and two Nikon lenses 10mm and 18.5 mm occasionaly I used an iPhone ... it is just a first or raw form not finished and not final. I just put more and more snapshot as the travel evolves ... I would try to give a more "narrative form" afterwards ... keep on fo…

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